ROGIC (ROKI Global Innovation Center)/ Office Building

Project 04

The ROKI Global Innovation Center is located along the Tenryu River.
The distinctive curtain wall covers most of the building.

ROKI Global Innovation Center

[Overall view]

This building is located along the Tenryu River in the northern part of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. The symbolic curtain wall covers most of the building and blends in with the surrounding nature.

ROKI Global Innovation Center

[Main curtain wall]

The combination of trusses forms the main curtain wall, tracing gentle curves extending from top to bottom and from the center to the left and right. About 1600 panes of triangle glass in slightly different dimensions were used to complete the curtain wall.

ROKI Global Innovation Center

3D data needs to be converted into 2D data in order to acquire the dimensions of a glass pane drawn in a 3D CAD. In this project, it took us over two hours just to open the data on a computer due to the data complexity. We needed about two months after all to obtain all the dimensions of the 1,600 panes of glass.

ROKI Global Innovation Center

We requested a glass manufacturer and worked closely with them to minimize the dimensional tolerances. All of the glass panes have been successfully installed.

● ROKI Global Innovation Center

Number of floors aboveground
Total floor area
Building area
13,524 ㎡
6,420 ㎡