Midland Square

Midland Square  / Office & Commercial Building

 Project 02

Midland Square is a landmark of the Nagoya Station.
A variety of large-scale glass panes have been abundantly adopted.

Midland Square

[Overall view]

Takejin installed glass panes that cover approximately 26 % and 51,000 ㎡ of the entire building. We came up with unprecedented and innovative ideas that meet a variety of needs, including the installation of large panels made of various types of glass, which require different types of construction methods.

Midland Square

[Curtain wall in the lower floors/1st and 2nd floors]

Different types of machines have been developed to meet the needs of each store, which requires different types of glass and the construction methods. The crane was set up on the main street in front of the station, as it was impossible to secure enough space inside the construction premises. The construction was conducted in the dark from midnight to 6 am.

Midland Square

[Entrance Hall]

The installation location was recessed 4.5 m from the external wall line. That meant we only had a small margin for transferring glass panes to the installation position and fine adjustment was not easy. To parallel-shift and install the large-scale glass panes, we employed our special glazier designed to remote-control to tilt, rotate, and move up and down the panes.

Takejin develops machines to ensure safe construction in a limited space.

Glazing machine MS-57

Used for Midland Square to construct the curtain wall in the lower floors (5th to 7th floors). The glazier was developed to install large glass panes with a height of 11 m in a narrow space between the scaffolding and the wall.

Light lifter MS-SP

Used for the Sky Promenade in Midland Square. The light lifter enables the installation of glass panes from outside of a handrail.

● Midland Square

Number of floors aboveground
Number of floors underground
Site area
Total floor area
Approximately 247 m
September 2006